Travel To Bollywood ,Bollywood tour services to Major Film Cities Of India are being offered by us.Visit Ramoji Film City,MGR Film City,Mumbai Film City,Noida Film City,Film Studios in India.

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Indian film city and Studio tours offers you a great experince of enjoying the Bollywood Ramoji film city and MGR Fim cities are located in south India and are host for the shooting location of many south Indian Films.Mumbai film city is the heart of the Indian film industry ,shooting for a number of film cities is done in this filmcity.

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Special Holidays Provides you customized services for your Bollywood tour and travel if you want to visit bollywood and see the film cities and film studios in India,then come to us we will plan your trip across Bollywood in such a way that you will get a complete view of the Indian film Industry and the Bollywood.
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Mockingly called Bollywood by locals and cynics, Film City clings to the outskirts of the National Park, and is practically overrun by assorted stars and starlets -- the demi gods and goddesses of Modern India. Don't snigger. Bollywood churns out over 900 films every year, all packed with those mandatory elements of song, dance, melodrama, violence and erotica that Indian audiences love. Which is probably why Film City sets are heavily booked around the year. They are closed to visitors, but special permissions can always be "obtained" to check out the action.

Mumbai is the center of India's huge Hindi film industry, producing 120 feature films a year. Much of the glamour associated with the city stems from its celebrated position as the dream-factory of the nation. The local film industry is known as Bollywood. It's a ragtag speculative trade, flush with black money and low on innovation. The films it produces tend to be spectacular melodramatic fantasies. They are known disparagingly as 'masala movies' because they are made to an established formula that mixes a variety of ingredients - action, violence, music, dance, romance and moralizing - into one outrageous blend. While plenty of thought- provoking 'artistic' Indian films are appreciated in the west, masala movies are largely viewed with contempt. It's not hard to figure out why. Stock characters, exaggerated acting, self-conscious editing, implausible, narratives and heroines who burst into song every five minutes are just the beginning of a long list of unlikely features that you are going to have to accept at face value if you want to enjoy a Bollywood flick. Despite being dismissed as escapist claptrap, plenty of masala movies get their narrative drive from social issues like communalism, ethnicity and caste. Many also address the effects of modernization and urbanization on traditional Indian institutes such as the family and marriage. As you'd expect from any vibrant cultural form, masala movies are a reflection of India's social and political milieu. This doesn't diminish their appeal or (thank goodness) unduly imbue them with profundity, but it does mean they have an astonishingly direct feed into the lives of their audiences that outsiders may find hard to fathom. On the surface it may be Rambo, Romeo and Robin Hood, but the subtext is likely to be the Mahabharata, dharma, and social justice. In this context , it's not surprising that masala movies have been one of the most potent forces shaping Indian ideas of nationhood.

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